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William Allen White Book Award Selection Committee Vacancy

  • Tue, November 15, 2016
  • Online

Kansas Reading Association Notice of Vacancies: The Kansas Reading Association an important position open. Any current KRA member is encouraged to apply for one or both of these positions by submitting an emailed application to Dawn Moews, KRA Nominations Chair, dmoews@emporia.edu, by November 15, 2016. See notice of vacancy for details. (If a member receives the endorsement of his/her local council, the council will have met one of the optional requirements for the Sunflower of Merit Award. This endorsement is not necessary for a member to apply for a vacancy.)

The Kansas Reading Association has a representative to the William Allen White Book Award Selection Committee. The term of this position is 3 years. Our current representative has resigned her position with 2 years remaining. We are seeking to fill that vacancy.
According to the William Allen White Book Award website, www.emporia.edu/libsv/wawbookaward/:
“The selection committee is responsible for reading children’s books for the publication year under consideration, suggesting books of high quality to be read by other members and considered for the Master List, and meeting once a year [in Emporia] to consider all suggested titles and to decide what books will be placed on the Master Lists for that Award year.

“In order for nominated books to be considered for the Master List, they have to be read by at least 60% of the members. In order to make sure that books are not eliminated due to a shortage of readers, we expect Selection Committee members to read all the books on the Nominated list if they can. Members are required to read at least 50% of all nominated titles.” During the last few years, the nominated list has contained around 100 titles.

In order to be considered for this position, please submit an application letter or email which includes your name, your current position, and a brief statement of the qualifications you hold that you believe make you a strong candidate for this position to Dawn Moews by November 15, 2016.

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