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2015 Summer Leadership

  • Mon, August 03, 2015
  • 9:00 AM
  • Jones Institute for Educational Excellence in Emporia, Kansas


The 2015-16 Summer Leadership session is Monday, August 3, at the Jones Institute for Educational Excellence in Emporia. The purpose of this day is to bring all local council officers, committee members, and other interested members together to share our successes, determine our needs, and develop a plan for the coming year.

My theme for the coming year is Building Literacy One Book At A Time. When I think back over my 60 plus years of reading, I know that each short story, article, or book I read contributed to my literacy development. I believe one of the most significant contributions teachers make to students is to help them develop as mature, literate beings. That can only happen one work at a time.

The 2015 KRA Conference Committee has selected Lights, Action, Literacy! as their theme. This theme allows us the opportunity to spotlight the actions taken by our members throughout the state as they continue to build literacy.

Please bring a display or poster promoting KRA and utilizing the theme Building Literacy One Book At A Time. These will be judged and prizes will be awarded on the day of the meeting.

Also, all councils are invited to bring a display reflecting the conference theme Lights, Action, Literacy! Please note that these displays will be kept for use at the 2015 conference in Manhattan.

Delegate’s Assembly will be held promptly at 9:00 a.m. We will vote on the 2015-16 budget and other business. If you chair a committee, please e-mail me a short printed report to share; also be ready to share a concise oral report during the Delegate’s Assembly. We look forward to hearing from each of you.

We will be meeting at the Jones Institute for Educational Excellence, located at 1601 State Street, Emporia, KS. We are not on the actual ESU campus—we are two blocks west. The Jones Institute is located in the lower level of the Earl Center. Please park so that you can enter directly into the JIEE at the north end of the building. If you enter the south end, there is no elevator to the lower level. For a map of the exact location: http://www.emporia.edu/teach/jiee/directions.html.

Rolinda Smith has worked with Books-A-Million for councils to be able to purchase the current Bill Martin, Jr. Picture Book Award nominees at a discounted price. Please see the table below for details. Councils which would like to take advantage of the opportunity to purchase the books at this rate should notify Rolinda at rsmith@kansasread.org. Pay for the books before or at the Summer Leadership, and Rolinda will have the books for you at the 2015 conference. (If you would like to receive the books sooner, you may add $5.00 to have Rolinda mail the books to you.)

BMJ Books quote.pdf

The day will be divided into 3 main parts—Delegate’s Assembly, Council Planning Sessions, and Strategic Work Sessions. The Strategic Work Sessions are based on the work started a few years ago with the development of a Strategic Long Range Plan. Each work group will have a designated facilitator.

  • Website, Communication/Technology & Membership
  • Legislative & Bylaws
  • KRA Awards
  • Conference Planning
  • Book Studies

I have two requests regarding these work groups. First, I would like each person from your council to choose their work group and register that choice in advance. Second, I would like each person from your council to participate in a different work group. This will give us the best opportunity to get input from all across the state in each of these areas.

  • Council
  • Attendee
  • Email
  • Phone #
  • Work Group
  • Do you have any special needs (dietary, etc.)

You may RSVP by email to dmoews@kansasread.org. You will receive an agenda as well as directions to the Jones Institute after your confirmation.

I am looking forward to welcoming you all to Emporia as we continue the work of making KRA a strong and visible organization, working together to build literacy: one book at a time!

Dawn Moews,
President 2015-2016
Kansas Reading Association
For additional information, please contact me at dmoews@kansasread.org

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